Meetup Tours

On every tour, we guarantee...

The Experiences

Visit the iconic sites, and also experience your destination authentically. We travel off the beaten path to immerse in the culture and meet the locals.

The Solo Time

Wander a city with your camera, people watch at a café, or find an adventure with your fellow travelers, every tour includes solo time to explore however inspires you.

The Connection

We bring women together who have the same love of travel, sense of wonder, and interest in expanding their network of brave women from around the world.


11 Days

As a child, we all learned about Ancient Egypt in school. Growing up day dreaming about mummies, pyramids, temples, and the Nile river. The Egypt Meetup Tour is nothing short of everything that younger you could have dreamed of. 

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9 days

Sip mojitos with locals and learn to salsa dance in Havana. Explore old cobble stone streets while vintage cars wizzes by in Trinidad. Learn to roll a cigar and make a mojito in Viñales.

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12 Days

Enter a world of wonder and mystique as you touch down in one of the most alluring countries in the world.

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8 Days

Bali is the best combination of gorgeous tropical beaches with fruity cocktail type vibes and a deep culture with warm locals.

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10 days

Get ready to go home with bragging rights like none other as you tour the heart of Africa. From safari sightings of rare wild animals to experiencing the deeply rooted culture of local Kenyan tribes.

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Armenia and Artsakh

14 Days

Armenia and everyone you’ll meet along this journey will feel more like a dear friend than a place and a culture you visited for the first time.

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Yosemite National Park

3 days

Whether you’ve grown next to Yosemite or it’s your first visit, our female local guide knows every inch of this national park and will bring you to her favorite nooks and crannies.

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New Zealand

14 days

Get ready for views that you thought could only dream of until now. New Zealand has it all with the clearest blue lakes, snow capped glaciers, lush green forests and towering fiords.

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South Africa

12 Days

Home to breathtaking nature, sun-soaked beaches, lush vineyards, and a fascinating blend of culture and history, not to mention wildlife, South Africa is a trip and a half.

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10 Days

Colombia is the perfect trip to spice up your life. From local savory snacks and rich Colombian coffee to vividly colorful streets that come alive at night.

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9 Days

Traveling to Guatemala with us means our friends are yours. See a side of this humble, yet magnificent country that most tourists miss.

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11 days

You have to experience Antarctica to understand the other-worldly beauty of the magnificent views, stillness, starry night skies, and pure adventure.

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