Traveling With Us

Traveling With Us

Our Promise to you

SoFe Jordan Meetup Tour Dec 2021-1-14

The Experiences

Experience your destination authentically as we travel off the beaten path to immerse in the culture and meet the locals. We promise experiences you wouldn’t have access to on your own with a guidebook.

Women group solo trip

The Connection

Travel with women who understand your big dreams. Your fellow travelers will be self-identified solo female travelers from around the world, looking to expand their network of empowered women. 

Woman Solo Traveling Bali

The Freedom

Wander solo with your camera or people watch at a café. All of our tours have built in solo time for you to experience a place however inspires you. You can explore with peace of mind, knowing we’ve got your back.

New for 2023 Meetup Tours

Based on our previous traveler’s feedback, 2023 brings some new and exciting additions to all Meetup Tours with The Solo Female Traveler Network! We’ve elevated your experience to give you the best chances to connect to locals as well as fellow travelers, to feel those vacay vibes in beautiful accommodation, eliminate any awkwardness around tipping, and to have the support of a leader sent directly from our team along with a local (almost always female) guide. 

woman traveling solo in India tour

All tips included

We all want the people who help create such amazing experiences for us to feel appreciated, but tipping can just be so awkward in places with different etiquette! We’ve covered all your tips upfront, from guides and drivers to included activities, so your wallet never needs leave your bag (except for extra street food and souvenirs!). 

Premium accommodation & feature stays

We’re super excited about this one. Arriving at your dreamy sanctuary after a busy day has never felt better. Our premium accommodations are carefully chosen to be the ultimate combination of location, design, aesthetics and comfort. You’ll never want to leave!

Dead Sea mud mask in Israel

(even) more activity inclusions

We listened to our traveler feedback and have added even more top rated experiences. Favorite optional activities are now included, plus we have made it easier to reach those far-flung destinations by replacing long drives with domestic flights everywhere possible. 

Flexible payment plans for your budget

Secure your spot with a $500 deposit, and pay the balance off in instalments of your choosing. We all budget differently; some may want to pay in one go, and others over an extended period of time. Either way, you’ll all get to enjoy luxury (mainly 4 and 5-star!) accommodation and tick those bucketlist travel experiences off your lengthy list! Your balance is only due 90 days before departure.

2023 Released Destinations

12 Days in Iran

9 Days of essential Egypt

14 Days Discovering Northern India

11 days in beautiful Bali

12 days in Marvellous Morocco

9 days of color in colombia

More countries coming soon!

Lebanon  |  Mongolia  |  South Africa  |  Jordan  + others!

travel with us and you'll...

be empowered to explore the world

Our mamas said there is safety in numbers, and they were right. With a group at your back and a local expert in your pocket, you can feel free to be your adventuress self, knowing we’re close by and waiting for you back at the hotel at the end of every solo day. 

meet Passionate, expert guides

Our guides are more like friends than stuffy history teachers (although they know it all!). Mostly women and all amazing, we’ve hand-picked our guides to deliver only the best. Think an Egyptologist in Egypt, a survivalist expert for camping trips, and a conservationist on safaris.


Our local friends and pseudo aunties welcome us with open arms into their homes, non-profits, places of worship, and even their most sacred ceremonies. Every Meetup Tour will include some extra special connections to learn about other women’s traditions, beliefs, and ways of life.


We design our itineraries with locals in mind. We think one of the best ways to support community development abroad is investing in people. We make careful choices about where we stay and who we work with to maximize our connection with the local community. 

Meet your group Early

We’ll create a private space inside The Network for you to see if any of your fellow travelers are on your flight, make post-tour travel plans, and get excited for your adventure.

share a room with YOUR NEW BFF

We partnered with a professional matchmaker, Emily Polak PhD., to create a bespoke roommate matching quiz sent a couple weeks before your trip. When you opt to share a room, we do our best to pair you with your most compatible match on the tour. Private rooms are also available if you want some extra privacy.

We'll be waiting at the airport

All of our Meetup Tours include an airport pickup on the first day, so you can rest easy that from the moment you step off the plane until you take off again, we’ve got your back. 

Where we go...

Our most popular Meetup Tours

Ecuador & Galapagos

It’s hard to put into words how incredible my experience with SoFe in Morocco was. SoFe found the best guides to show us every facet of each city we visited. To see life in Morocco through a female's eyes was unique and something I will never forget.


Ramona said:

Well done SoFe on the matching of roommates. My roommate was wonderful and it was probably the one thing everyone is nervous about."

Elizabeth Said:

"SoFe brings together like minded adventurers from all over the world, and every lady there was a badass with her own story to tell. LOVED IT."

This Egypt tour was my first group travel experience. I normally travel solo. I was so nervous about it, but it ended up being absolutely amazing. The 6 of us women got along so well! A true sisterhood.


Michelle said:

"I loved getting to experience a new country and connect with other SoFe travelers in network. I really appreciated the security of going with a group as well, especially for a country such as India."

Jenni Said:

"SoFe’s itineraries offer a great blend of cultural, historical, and social activities and our tour guide helped in many ways to keep us having fun, even over long days of traveling."

Megan Said:

"I was really nervous going on a trip with a small company with a bunch of strangers, but I am so glad I did. My first SoFe trip was to Bali and the local guides were so sweet. It was obvious that SoFe had a really good relationship with them, which made me feel confident."

Jennifer Said:

"Let me tell you, my SoFe tour was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on…seriously! If you’re looking for a very well run tour they gives you some structure but also free time go wander then I can 100% recommend this company for travel. I was so impressed!"

My experience traveling with SoFe to Bali was phenomenal and I’m so glad I invested in it. I felt well taken care of and safe, which is so important as a female traveler. I enjoyed the diversity of the group, and I never thought I’d be dancing at a beach club in Canggu with women of all ages.


Jordynn Said:

"My SoFe Tour felt like just a bunch of girlfriends out on an adventure. Is there anything better?"

Megan F Said:

"I have been on three tours with SoFe, and it’s so much more than just a tour. I have made life-long friends who understand my wanderlust, met local people who taught me warmth and kindness, and I have left feeling empowered to travel more."

This was my third tour with SoFe, and I would rate this tour a 10/10. The group of Goddess I was with were AWESOMENESS. We all interacted together like we were friends for years. If you are open minded and have no expectations walking in, you will have the time of you life."


I met 12 amazing women on this trip that looked out for each other. I made new friends from all over the world by going on one trip! I keep in touch with them still. I would recommend taking a SoFe trip if you are looking for some adventure, relaxation, knowledge, and like minded women to travel with!


Silva Said:

"As cliché as it sounds, Bali was a life-altering trip for me. Beyond the amazing sites and experiences, the fast friends I made are the most treasured things of my Bali tour."

Kirsten Said:

"I joined the SoFe Facebook group 3 years ago but upgraded to the private community this year because I wanted to interact with people without the weirdness of Facebook social boundaries. I’ve made so many friends and been on quite a few zoom events"

Our guide was extremely knowledgable, friendly, and approachable. I felt safe and taken care of. I knew I could trust them. I would definitely take another tour with SoFe”


Shannon said:

"Egypt was the trip of a lifetime. 16 strangers became my sisters. I never liked the idea of tour groups but this changed my mind."

Jaime Said:

SoFe do all they can to give you a bit of everything on the Morocco tour. It felt incredibly special and very personal. Morocco is a stunning country and I would go back in a heartbeat. SoFe nailed it and I can't wait for my next trip with them."