An engaged community, travel courses, workshops lead by experts, and events with fellow solo female travelers. Empowering women to travel solo bravely, safely, and with a global community of support.

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“The Solo Female Travellers Network is a fantastic community. The connections I’ve made have been full of fun, wit, and ego-free support. The courses they provide are excellent – clear, insightful and super practical, the one on how to score the cheapest flights is particularly great! Further to this, SoFe is also a socially conscious company, often delivering events and opening discussions on social impact and supporting our planet. I highly recommend this enriching network of beautiful people and horizon expanding experiences.”

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Amazing events

“I joined the SoFe Network on Facebook 3 years ago but joined the membership because I wanted to interact with people without the weirdness of Facebook social boundaries. It absolutely worked and I’ve made so many friends and been on quite a few zoom events. The events are amazing, the people are amazing, best chance to get to know people in the network!” Kirsten

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So worth it

“This membership is so worth it. The events are fun and the girls who come are so supportive and friendly. The workshops are amaaaazing. It’s cool to learn from these experts like a winemaker and an Olympian. My favorite social events are happy hour and the book club and I love to be able to support other women.”  Shauna

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I highly recommend it

“I’ve learned a whole lot from some very inspiring women.  I highly recommend it. There is something new that pops up almost every day from book clubs to talks about mental health while traveling, sexual health while traveling… There is just so much. I really recommend it.” Tayla

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We wanted a space where a DM from a stranger isn’t considered spam, where we can see who is in our same city and meet up with more safety assurance, and to create an environment of empowerment and learning. 

So we made one.



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Our events are both virtual and in real life (when it’s safe to travel) to connect you to fellow members around the world with the same love of solo travel. Having local contacts can make your travels more authentic and even safer. 
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Whether it’s culture, food, wine, politics, history, world events, self-improvement… we love to learn.

Talk face to face to amazing women you wouldn’t meet otherwise. Recordings are always available to watch later in case you miss it live.

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More personal connections, travel friends from all corners of the world, and fellow travelers to help plan your trips. A smaller, more connected version of our Facebook group where you can make real connections with more safety assurance. 

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