South Africa

South Africa simply doesn’t get the hype it deserves for its sun drenches fields of wild flowers, colorful cities, delicious food, and  endless sunny beaches. Our South Africa Meetup Tours are all about road trips, safari, and off-the-beaten-path gorgeousness. 

What our travelers have to say

South Africa Female Tour

South Africa | Shauna R.

“I have to say my experience with The Solo Female Traveler Network on their Meetup destination in South Africa was AMAZING!! South Africa wasn’t necessarily on my list but when I saw them offer this I was in 100% and I have to say it did not disappoint…

Female Solo Tour South Africa

I could not have asked for a better trip. | Amanda L.

“I always dreamed of safari in Africa and had heard such good things about South Africa, so I decided I wanted to go. I normally travel solo but after researching, I discovered that a lot of the greatest experiences were not easily accessible and it didn’t seem like the most solo friendly country.