Previous Tours

Previous Tours

It all started on a couch in Mexico in 2016. Our founder, Amanda, was sipping a cerveza around the corner when someone broke into her room and stole all her stuff. Everything … except her dirty clothes. Stranded in Mexico with no money, no contacts, and suspicious hostel staff, she vowed that no other solo female traveler should ever feel as vulnerable as she did in that moment.

So, she created a global network and Meetup Tours around the world for solo women travelers to have a place to turn for community, inspiration, and support. Since 2016, SoFe Travel has run Meetup Tours in countless countries on all 7 continents. We take pride in offering unique experiences that connect women to the destination, giving them a sense of safety and community. 

Curious about the tours we’ve taken? Keep scrolling to see photos, testimonials, and our members’ favorite moments from previous Meetup Tours.

Egypt Past Tours

As our longest running Meetup Tour, we have lots of experience in Egypt! This was one of the first destinations that SoFe Travel visited, and we haven’t stopped going back since. The Egypt Meetup Tour is one of our flagship tours and we are proud to offer departures multiple times per year. You can go behind the scenes of this tour with our Instagram Story Highlights. You’ll get to see what is really like to be on one of our Egypt Meetup Tours through the eyes of our solo female travelers! 

What Our Travelers Say About Egypt

What Makes the Egypt Tour special

The Sites

Prepare to have your mind blown away by the pyramids and temples that were built almost 4,000 years ago! We visit the Pyramids of Giza, Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut Temple and many more famous sites in Egypt! You will learn about ancient Egyptian life, including God’s and Goddesses, Kings and Queens, and everything in between. Egypt’s history is some of the best history in the world! 

The Food

Where mediterranean and middle eastern cuisine meet, the food in Egypt is every foodie travelers dream. Imagine warm falafel while while sailing toward an ancient Egyptian temple or a Nubian feast cooked on a wood fire stove by a local Nubian woman. The food in Egypt can only be described as downright delicious, and we chase the best of it all!

The People

You will be welcomed with a smile and open arms by our hosts in each hotel or excursion. Each tour gets a look inside modern Egyptian life as we stay in the countryside of Luxor, eat in a locals home, and walk through the streets of a Nubian village. We take pride in our relationship with the locals where we visit, and they are always excited to welcome our travelers with warm Egyptian hospitality. 

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Bali Past Tours

Bali was SoFe’s first ever Meetup Tour, so it holds a special place in our hearts. Bali is an incredible destination for women. This is one of our flagship tours and we are proud to offer a Meetup Tour in Bali multiple times per year. One of our travelers, Christine de la Fuente, wrote all about her Bali experience for our blog, sharing the nitty gritty details of the tour and what to expect on this itinerary.

What Our Travelers Say About Bali

What Makes the Bali Tour special

Cooking Class with Locals

Take a casual cooking class with a local family where you’ll learn about a variety of ingredients found in traditional Balinese dishes. Prepare different parts of the meal such as de-seeding the chili, finely chopping them, and cooking the meat. At the end of the class, we all sat together, enjoyed the feast that we all prepared and delved into deep conversations and laughter all through the night. 

The Sites

Prepare to have your mind blown away by some of the temples, scenery and attractions we visit in Bali. One example is Tirta Empul, also known as the water temple, which has history that can be traced back to 926 AD. Another is Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, a nominated UNESCO World Heritage site with stunning natural surroundings and cloud-covered mountaineous vistas. 

Cultural Insights

Learn lessons about the Balinese Hindus religion from local practitioners. You’ll understand the symbolism of the canang sari and how to make it from a variety of fresh colorful flowers that came in white, red, yellow, blue, and green. Each floral had its own meaning and each item was meant to be placed in a specific direction depending on the offering you want to make. 

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Morocco Past Tours

One of the most iconic destinations is Morocco, famous for it’s colorful tiles and distinct architecture as well as its beautiful desert and mountain scenery. We understand that many women don’t necessarily feel comfortable or safe traveling in Morocco, so we decided to launch a tour there! It has been one of our best destinations to date, probably because our tour encompasses both North and South Morocco, packing the itinerary full of unique local experiences in one all-encompassing tour.

Go behind the scenes of this tour with our Instagram Story Highlights. You’ll get to see what is really like to be on one of our Morocco Meetup Tours through the eyes of our solo female travelers!

What Our Travelers Say About Morocco

What Makes the Morocco Tour special

The Accommodation

Forget the big box hotel chains. We only stay at locally owned accommodations for the most authentic hospitality Morocco has to offer. Riads are private mansions turned into guesthouses, so think home cooked meals, attention to every detail, and the friendliest of hosts. Our desert camp will transport you into a whole new world!

The People

Get an inside look at Moroccan culture with our local female guides. They are ope books who love to chat about their life and upbringing — no questions are off limits! With our locally owned hotels, you’ll get to chat with the owners over mint tea. By the end of this tour, you will surely have new friends in Morocco and will have a deep understanding of their world famous hospitality. 

The Food

Saucy tajines, fresh mint tea, and exotic spices – to make traditional Moroccan food takes patience and process. Down to the ceramics they are cooked in, every bite is backed by centuries old recipes and methods making Morocco a foodie paradise. We’ll even learn the ceremony behind mint tea.

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Looking for More Past Tours?

This is just a summary of some of our staff’s and traveler’s favorite past tours. There are so many to highlight! We’ve ran over one hundred tours (!!!) in our short existence, and we are proud to share lots of positive testimonials and experiences from our female community. With so many completed Meetup Tours from the past 6 years, it can be hard to summarize everything on one page. 

If you want to read more, click any of the images below to read about past tours from other destinations. 


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