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Why Travel To Cuba?

Walking down the streets of Cuba is like walking back in time with classic cars whizzing by, old architecture surrounding you, and locals who look at you and smile instead of stare at their phones.  Kind and curious Cubans will teach you to salsa dance, you’ll hear music played on street corners, and smell the sweet scent of cigars on the city streets. Cuba has a raw, desperate feel to it, likely from a long history of their political turmoil. When we visit, we direct all of our efforts to supporting the local people while experiencing the real Cuba.

Unspoiled by American corporations, you won’t find any Starbucks or McDonald’s on these street corners. Instead, grannies will offer you cups of coffee for a few pennies and rooftop bars in Havana will have cheap mojitos you’ll gulp between turns on the dance floor.   For history and political buffs, you’ll notice no billboards for consumer products, you’ll see socialism and its affects with your own eyes while doing your part to support everyday people. 

Our Cuba Meetup Tours

9 Days in Cuba – 2023

Must Eat Dishes

  1. Ropa Vieja: probably Cuba’s most famous dish, shredding beef simmered in tomato sauce and served with rice and fried plantains – beef lovers come running.
  2. Guava basted ribs: beautiful braised ribs smothered in loads of guava barbecue sauce.
  3. Vaca frita: A perfectly tender skirt steak cooked with fresh herbs and spices

Best Experiences

  1. Get Instagrammable windswept hair as you ride a classic car ride down Havana’s historic Malecón
  2. Learn about the country’s most iconic product, Cuban cigars, directly from a local tobacco farmer
  3. Like a scene from “Dirty Dancing Havana Nights”, master the steps to salsa and dance the night away.

Top Sites

  1. Bay of Pigs
  2. Classic Havana
  3. UNESCO Heritage site, Trinidad

Need to know

Solo Female Travel

Cuba has its own set of challenges for any traveler and luckily safety for women specifically is not one of them. With little to no access to wifi, no public transportation, and multiple currencies where US credit cards don’t work, there can be a lot of manage. Cuba is a place you should be prepared for so you can maximize your time. When you travel with us, we will walk you through all of the intricacies that make this country a little extra challenging but also completely incredible.

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