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Morocco Solo Female Tour

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Frequently asked Questions

We promise three main things for all of our Meetup Tours: experiences you couldn’t have on your own, connection with fellow brave solo female travelers from around the world, and freedom to explore solo knowing we’ve got your back. 

We’ve spent years creating our community of the most inspirational, strong women from all corners of the world. Your travel group will be unlike any other sharing experiences that our team have traveled far and wide to find. Think survivalist workshops in the wild of the California Lost Coast or meeting a single mom over a home cooked Nubian meal in her home.

Read all about what its like to travel with us. 

Everyone is a little nervous before the tour, and that’s totally normal! We will be waiting for you at the airport on day one to take you back to the hotel to meet the group. 

Plus, you will get to e-meet everyone on your Meetup Tour with a private group inside The Network. We’ll also provide printable packing lists  and all the information you need to be sure you’re ready for your adventure! And of course, we are always an email  or phone call away. 

One of the best things about our Meetup Tours is the group dynamics. Travelers are all ages from 19 to 79. On our tours age doesn’t matter, everyone forms their own little travel family and bonds over the incredible experiences they share. If we had to pin it down, we would say the average traveler is in her late 20’s to late 40’s wants to maximize her vacation time and expand her network of fellow travel lovers.

All of our guides and tour leaders must be fully vaccinated. This is also required of our travelers. Please read more about our COVID policies and requirements.

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