Work with Us

Work with Us

Do you love traveling as a solo female traveler? Are you obsessed with sharing your experience abroad on social media or online? Do you want to inspire more women to travel the world? You might be a perfect fit for us! 

If you’re curious about our partnership opportunities, keep scrolling to read about how we can work together with ambassadorships, tour hosting, travel writing, and more.

Jobs at SoFe Travel

SoFe Travel empowers women through solo travel. This is a community cultivating freedom, confidence, and a celebration of empowerment that breaches the glass ceiling. We aim to empower women to travel more, experience more, and be more, while also giving them the tools and resources to do so. 

Have you always dreamed of inspiring other women to explore the world through solo travel? Are you the kind of person whose energy, excitement, and passion for embracing travel is both genuine and contagious? Do you love connecting people to their passions, and fit the SoFe values, culture, and lifestyle? Then we want to hear from you!

Current Open Positions

⭐️ All current openings are located in Seattle, Washington, and so you must live within a reasonable distance to be considered for these positions. 


Status: accepting application for review within 3 months

Our Ambassadors are some of the most important people in our community, because they help bring our travel experiences to life. Ambassadors serve as content creators for SoFe Travel, telling the story of our Meetup Tours through their unique perspective and insight. We empower you to do what you love — travel the world — and help you become an extraordinary visionary, wherever your path leads. 

Ambassadors create content for SoFe Travel while also featuring the Meetup Tour on their own personal social media channels. Your camera is glued to your hand, capturing every moment of the Meetup Tour. You are excited to share photos and stories with the team, your friends, and our whole community. Reels, stunning photos, Tiktok videos…whatever your best talents are, you’re creating top notch content that helps us turn more women into bad*ss travelers.

You should love to travel and express that passion through creative storytelling. Our ambassadors are social and friendly with other women on the tour. Ideally, you are a tastemaker in your community with an established online following. Ambassadors are expected to embody and represent SoFe Travel. This means adhering to the brand’s values, including female empowerment, inclusivity, responsibility, and transparency. 

Egypt Tour Solo Females

Perks of Being an Ambassador

Tour Hosts

Note: Must have strong social following or community 

If you want to inspire the women in your community to travel with you on epic adventures around the world, consider becoming a tour host with SoFe Travel. It is your followers with our itineraries. You’ll select the perfect itinerary, customize it to match your audience niche, and then start inviting people to join your Hosted Tour! Ideally, the Tour Host is a tastemaker in their communities, and should plan to use already established networks and relationships to market their SoFe Travel hosted tour.

Tour Hosts are responsible for the promotion, sales and marketing of their hosted tour, with minimum goal of 8 travelers per tour. By creating your own personalized tour, you will form lasting connections with your most dedicated followers. It is amazing how travel can bring women together and bond over shared experiences that will last a lifetime. The Tour Host is responsible for answering customer questions related to such topics as tour dates, tour cost, where to sign up, and how to sign up.

Tour Hosts are not expected to serve as a local tour guide, operations manager or other logistical coordinator of the tour. Let us take care of time-consuming trip details like organizing transportation, booking accommodations, and scheduling cool activities. All the tour operations will be administered with SoFe Travel and there will be an assigned local tour guide for the entirety of the departure. You can simply sit back and enjoy the adventure with your peeps.

Egypt Solo Tour for Women

Perks of Being a Tour Host

How It Works?

Love what you’re reading? If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, send us an email with the subject line “Tour Host” at Your email should include:

  • Short cover letter explaining who you are and why you want to partner with SoFe
  • Links to your portfolio & socials
  • Copy of your media kit, CV or resume
  • List of destinations and dates you might be interested in

Once you’ve been selected as a Tour Host, we’ll work together to select an existing itinerary in the SoFe Travel portfolio. Certain customizations and modifications may be requested to best suit the Tour Host’s audience and niche. After the destination is selected, SoFe Travel will present the Tour Host with an initial itinerary proposal including  details about the dates, accommodation, activities and meal inclusions. Once the proposal, price and itinerary has been agreed upon, the Hosted Tour will be finalized.

SoFe Travel will publish a personalized page and booking link for the Hosted Tour, which will be used to track and process all bookings for the Tour Host’s specific tour. The Tour Host can share this link in their promotional content, email blasts and social media to handle the booking of their travelers. 

The cost of the Tour Host’s spot on the tour and the round trip flight to the destination is covered — aka free to you! Additionally, the Tour Host can decide which of two different compensation structures they’d prefer to best suit their earnings goals. All earnings will be paid after the tour is fully booked, but before the scheduled departure.

Travel Writers

Status: accepting application for review within 3 months

SoFe Travel aims to spotlight the adventurous lives, travel tips, advice and lessons learned by women who dare to explore the world independently. We want to share your story! Your article will not only educate, but also inspire women looking to set out into the world. We reserve the right to make edits to your article to improve structure, grammar, SEO, provide additional links and images (if your images are not the required quality for our blog).

We do not pay for contributor posts at this time, but we can offer you exposure to our large online audience and exclusive promotion. We will promote your article on our blog, socials, and private community, all of which will connect you with over 500,000 solo female travelers. In your article, we will link your website and social networks so that members of our community can easily follow your blog or social media accounts, helping to grow your following and connecting you to our audience. 

Types of Articles We’re Looking For:

  • An Insider’s Guide: Pick one of our Meetup Tour destinations that you’ve previously explored and share all of your insider insight. Think articles on how to pack, what to eat, and why you love exploring this destination.  
  • Travel Story: Share a personal experience, a lesson you learned during your travels, or something you wish you knew beforehand. Write about a memory that sets your heart on fire. We want to read it!
  • Helpful, Content Rich Resources: Create the helpful list of resources, tips and tricks you always wished were on the internet before you visited. 
  • Photo Diaries: Do you communicate your travel stories via visuals instead? Create a photo diary with captions under each photo giving it a bit of context.
Chelsea Lew in Bali

Article Requirements:

  • All articles must be written in English with good grammar and spelling
  • Must be at least 1,000 words
  • Exclusively written for the SoFe Travel blog, and not published elsewhere
  • Should be written about a relevant topic chosen together with a SoFe manager
  • Writing style should be approachable and bursting with passion, travel experience, and honesty