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Congratulations, Jennifer Colvin, on $150 off any Mini-Meetup Tour through 2021! Right now we are booking Yosemite National Park with more to come!

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$300 off any Meetup Tour through 2021 goes to Samantha Campbell!

Solo Female Travel Network Bali
The Bali Meetup Tour

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3 Days | September 2020


Whether you’ve grown next to Yosemite or it’s your first visit, our female local guide knows every inch of this national park and will bring you to her favorite nooks and crannies. Think new travel loving friends, s’mores around a camp fire, and that familiar traveler’s feeling of freedom.

11 Days 

We all learned about Ancient Egypt in school. Growing up day dreaming about mummies, pyramids, temples, and the Nile river. The Egypt Meetup Tour is nothing short of everything that younger you could have dreamed of. Dive deep into Egypt’s rich history while your textbooks come alive right in front of you. Enjoy the perfect mix of history, luxury, and culture all while eating the best Egyptian food a girl can ask for. 

11 Days 

Experience Antarctica to understand the other-worldly beauty of the magnificent views, stillness, starry night skies, and pure adventure. The seventh continent is worth the hype. We’ll float through ice, past whales (yes! it’s whale season), down the Drake Passage to Antartica, zig-zagging through the Shetland Islands and stopping for land excursions along the way. This trip is all inclusive and too amazing to even describe.

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