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Morocco solo female travel

I'm certainly booking another tour | Elise I.

“I had a few concerns coming into this trip: that it might be overscheduled, that we’d mostly see touristy things, that having a whole group of ladies who like to do their own thing would make it awkward. ALL MY FEARS WERE UNFOUNDED. [The leaders] clearly worked very hard to ensure that this would not be a typical tour, and it paid off in many ways…

Solo Female Tour Morocco

The best adventure I've ever had | Anna G.

“It’s hard to put into words how incredible my experience with the Solo Female Traveler Network Morocco Feb. 2020 tour was. This tour covered almost every part of Morocco, from the giant Sand Dunes of the desert to the mountains of Chefchaoeun, and the beaches of Casablanca, we truly saw it all… 

Solo Female Tour Morocco

Incredible Tour of Morocco | Jaime A.

“I had a couple of weeks and wanted a stress free trip that I would get to experience Morocco and I decided to go with Solo Female Travellers Network because it looked like the age group would be similar and the itinerary looked great. The women on the tour ranged from 26 through to 74 and mostly averaged around 35-45…

why it's special

leaders on rooftop bar in Marrakech

solo time where it counts

Swanky rooftop bars in Marrakech may not be the most authentic Moroccan experience, but somehow rosé just tastes better up there. Surrounded by golden sky at sunset, sitting on a plush colorful cushion, with top notch service, and somehow the scent of roses in the air makes for an epic girl’s night.  It’s amazing how as soon as you step into a riad, the busy, noisy, dusty streets of the Medina just melt away.

Here, our staff and leader in training, are relaxing on a rooftop with a much deserved glass of rosé (call us basic, but it’s our favorite) after a day in the busy Medina. This bar is around the corner from our accommodation in Marrakech, and there’s plenty of free time in our itinerary to visit. We’ll take you there!

solo female travelers with woman guide in Morocco, Fes

Tours with local women

The role of women in Morocco is complicated and evolving. Often stuck between traditional roles and new freedoms, while still staying true to their religion, there are lots of layers. We meet a few different women, see their home cities from their perspective, and get to know them and thier stories. They are more than our guides, they are our friends and totally open and excited to tell you about their lives. 

In this photo, our city guide, Frida is telling us about black soap. It’s a very popular (and super inexpensive) soap made from olives. When you go to a hammam, a traditional bath house, in Morocco this is what you use to exfoliate and soften your skin. It really is a magic soap you will wonder how you lived without.

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