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Bali Tour for Solo Women

Empowering | Megan S.

“I have been on three tours with these ladies, and I can not even explain how amazing my experiences have been. It’s so much more than just a tour. I have made life-long friends who understand my wanderlust, met local people who taught me the warmth and kindness of the places we’ve visited, and I have left feeling empowered to travel more…

Bali Tour for Solo Women

Inspirational! | Silva A.

“At first, I was a bit apprehensive as I have never gone on a trip by myself before. I wasn’t sure about exploring a new country with a bunch of strangers and wondered whether it would suit me. But I took the plunge and I’m so glad that I did. As cliché as it sounds, it was a life-altering trip…

Solo Female Traveler Member

Already signed up for egypt | Aihee R.

I have been a member of the SoFe Facebook group for a while and always wanted to join one of their trips. I used to travel solo more but have had to put my travels on hold for awhile. The Global meetup tour to Bali was a perfect way for me to return to traveling at a time when I don’t want to travel completely independently!!

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Solo Female Tour Bali

Offering workshop and family temple

We were met with some locals who welcomed us and gave us a lesson about the Balinese Hindus religion, the symbolism of the canang sari, and how to make it. 

Then we were taught how to make it from a variety of fresh colorful flowers that came in white, red, yellow, blue, and green. Each floral had its own meaning and each item was meant to be placed in a specific direction. 

Solo Female Tour Bali

Cooking class with locals

We were given a lesson on how to make coconut oil, followed by an introduction to the variety of ingredients found in traditional Balinese dishes. We worked together in pairs to handle different parts of the meal such as de-seeding the chili, finely chopping them, cooking the meat, etc. 

At the end of the class, we all sat together, enjoyed the feast that we all prepared and delved into deep conversations and laughter all through the night. 

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