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Solo Female Tour Bay of Pigs

Cuba Goodness! | Melinda G.

“What an amazing experience! I was connected with amazing, interesting and fun female travellers – some with years of experience, some just starting their solo travel adventures. It was the perfect group to explore all that Cuba had to offer with.”

Woman in Havana on Solo Tour

best trips of my life! | Jordynn H.

“Thank you for an incredible opportunity. As an American; Cuba has always been a place that’s intrigued me, but hasn’t been too accessible due to political reasons. The Cuba Meet-Up Tour made the mysterious island open to discovery; not just spending the day in Havana on a cruise ship, but actually immersing into the country and it’s culture.”

Tobacco Farm Cuba Female Tour

I loved Cuba. |
Kimberly D.

“I would definitely book another trip with SoFe travel. I’ve used other travel group trips in the past. I found the Cuba tour to be VERY organized, yet flexible and accommodating.”

Why it's special

Cuba Solo Female Tour

Embracing Cuban hospitality

Cubans are warm and friendly people and there’s no better way to experience that than staying in their homes. Casas particulares are either rooms in a family home or, in our case, a home converted to a bed and breakfast. They are simple and clean, and they are where you will find the best home cooked meals and even an impromptu salsa dance lesson. 

women laughing in Cuba

pure fun

Think salsa dancing with friendly strangers, mojitos full of fresh mint, views for days, even a freshly rolled cigar if you like. Cuba is spontaneous and whimsical, and our itinerary hits all the best parts, but leaves plenty of time to experience Cuba how it’s meant to be – on Cuban time. Our guides love their country and their passion for life is contagious. This is a special tour, because Cuba makes you let loose and go with the flow. 


What our travelers have to say

Female solo Tour India

Great leaders | Jamy G.

“My favorite part was visiting the forts, palaces, mosques, and temples. Our hotels were extraordinary. I struggled with the cultural/social behaviors of males toward females- especially in Mandawa during Holi. These women (the guides) are treasures and I admire all three of them. I would join a tour that I knew one of them led!”

India Solo Female Network Tour

Welcoming | Jenni R.

“I was heartened by how welcoming people were in India and will never forget the seemingly infinite unique sari and kurti outfits on dazzling display everywhere. SoFe’s itinerary was a great blend of cultural, historical, and social activities and our tour leader helped in many ways to keep us having fun, even over long days of traveling.”

Female solo Tour India

Like-Minded Travelers | Michelle P.

“If you are thinking about doing a SoFe tour -do it! It’s totally worth experiencing at least once. It was so awesome to connect and explore a country with like-minded solo female travelers. I loved getting to experience a country and connect with other SoFe travelers.”



South Africa

South Africa simply doesn’t get the hype it deserves for its sun drenches fields of wild flowers, colorful cities, delicious food, and  endless sunny beaches. Our South Africa Meetup Tours are all about road trips, safari, and off-the-beaten-path gorgeousness. 

What our travelers have to say

South Africa Female Tour

South Africa | Shauna R.

“I have to say my experience with The Solo Female Traveler Network on their Meetup destination in South Africa was AMAZING!! South Africa wasn’t necessarily on my list but when I saw them offer this I was in 100% and I have to say it did not disappoint…

Female Solo Tour South Africa

I could not have asked for a better trip. | Amanda L.

“I always dreamed of safari in Africa and had heard such good things about South Africa, so I decided I wanted to go. I normally travel solo but after researching, I discovered that a lot of the greatest experiences were not easily accessible and it didn’t seem like the most solo friendly country.


Curious about The Egypt Meetup Tour?
Here’s why it’s special.

The Food

Where mediterranean and middle eastern cuisine meet, the food in Egypt is every foodie travelers dream. Imagine warm falafel while while sailing toward an ancient Egyptian temple or a Nubian feast cooked on a wood fire stove by a local Nubian woman. The food in Egypt can only be described as downright delicious, and we chase the best of it all!

nakil hotel food
Hotel in Soma Bay

The Accommodation

One morning you will wake up on a felucca (Egyptian sailboat) watching the sun rise. You will feasting on home cooked meals at family owned hotels. In Cairo, you stay at a hotel near the pyramids, and you’ll spend three days at an all inclusive, beach side resort by the Red Sea. Accommodation is certainly a highlight of this tour and a major part of the once in a lifetime type experience!

The People

You will be welcomed with a smile and open arms by our hosts in each hotel or excursion. Each tour gets a look inside modern Egyptian life as we stay in the countryside of Luxor, eat in a locals home, and walk through the streets of a Nubian village. We take pride in our relationship with the locals where we visit, and they are always excited to welcome our travelers with warm Egyptian hospitality. 

Egyptian Temple

The Sites

Prepare to have your mind blown away by the pyramids and temples that were built almost 4,000 years ago! We visit the Pyramids of Giza, Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut Temple and many more famous sites in Egypt! You will learn about ancient Egyptian life, including God’s and Goddesses, Kings and Queens, and everything in between. Egypt’s history is some of the best history in the world! 

What our travelers have to say

Egypt Tour Solo Females

EPIC Egypt | Aiheeya R

“This was my 2nd solo trip with SoFe. I initially went to Bali and because that tour was so good I decided to go to Egypt meetup and I am so happy that I did. This tour was EPIC…

Egypt Female Network Tours

Amazing Egypt Trip | Samantha

“I found the solo female traveler network group on FB in the beginning of 2019 I believe and I got inspired by all the travel stories & pics posted. I saw that SoFe had a trip to Egypt and Egypt was on my bucket list! I got so excited and started researching Egypt & SoFe…

Egypt Female Tour Network

Egypt Meetup | Elizabeth G

“SOFE was my first experience with not only a booking agency but also my first tour group/meet up. Honestly, I was a bit nervous about how a group of 20ish women would gel, but from the moment I got there, I was truly floored at the fast friendships that developed…



What our travelers have to say

Bali Tour for Solo Women

Empowering | Megan S.

“I have been on three tours with these ladies, and I can not even explain how amazing my experiences have been. It’s so much more than just a tour. I have made life-long friends who understand my wanderlust, met local people who taught me the warmth and kindness of the places we’ve visited, and I have left feeling empowered to travel more…

Bali Tour for Solo Women

Inspirational! | Silva A.

“At first, I was a bit apprehensive as I have never gone on a trip by myself before. I wasn’t sure about exploring a new country with a bunch of strangers and wondered whether it would suit me. But I took the plunge and I’m so glad that I did. As cliché as it sounds, it was a life-altering trip…

Solo Female Traveler Member

Already signed up for egypt | Aihee R.

I have been a member of the SoFe Facebook group for a while and always wanted to join one of their trips. I used to travel solo more but have had to put my travels on hold for awhile. The Global meetup tour to Bali was a perfect way for me to return to traveling at a time when I don’t want to travel completely independently!!

why it's special

Solo Female Tour Bali

Offering workshop and family temple

We were met with some locals who welcomed us and gave us a lesson about the Balinese Hindus religion, the symbolism of the canang sari, and how to make it. 

Then we were taught how to make it from a variety of fresh colorful flowers that came in white, red, yellow, blue, and green. Each floral had its own meaning and each item was meant to be placed in a specific direction. 

Solo Female Tour Bali

Cooking class with locals

We were given a lesson on how to make coconut oil, followed by an introduction to the variety of ingredients found in traditional Balinese dishes. We worked together in pairs to handle different parts of the meal such as de-seeding the chili, finely chopping them, cooking the meat, etc. 

At the end of the class, we all sat together, enjoyed the feast that we all prepared and delved into deep conversations and laughter all through the night. 

Read more about Bali by Christine D.


Curious about The Morocco Meetup Tour?
Here’s why it’s special.


Saucy tajines, fresh mint tea, and exotic spices – to make traditional Moroccan food takes patience and process. Down to the ceramics they are cooked in, every bite is backed by centuries old recipes and methods making Morocco a foodie paradise. We’ll learn the ceremony behind mint tea and experience true hospitality everywhere we stay.

Moroccan dish

The Accommodation

Forget hotels, we stay only at iads and desert camps to support locals and experience the most authentic side of the country. Riads are old private mansions turned into guesthouses that are often still run by families. Think home cooked meals, attention to every detail, and the friendliest of hosts. Our desert camp will transport you into a whole new world (

The People

Get an inside look at Moroccan culture with our local female guides who love to chat about their life and upbringing with no questions off limits. Our riad hosts love a tea and a chat, and by the end of this tour, you will surely have new friends in Morocco.

dancing in morocco
Morocco Solo Female Travel Network

The Sites

This country is jam packed with gorgeous views and ancient sites. We have traversed the whole thing to bring you the very best – the most beautiful, the richest history, and natural phenomenons. 

What our travelers have to say

Morocco solo female travel

I'm certainly booking another tour | Elise I.

“I had a few concerns coming into this trip: that it might be overscheduled, that we’d mostly see touristy things, that having a whole group of ladies who like to do their own thing would make it awkward. ALL MY FEARS WERE UNFOUNDED. [The leaders] clearly worked very hard to ensure that this would not be a typical tour, and it paid off in many ways…

Solo Female Tour Morocco

The best adventure I've ever had | Anna G.

“It’s hard to put into words how incredible my experience with the Solo Female Traveler Network Morocco Feb. 2020 tour was. This tour covered almost every part of Morocco, from the giant Sand Dunes of the desert to the mountains of Chefchaoeun, and the beaches of Casablanca, we truly saw it all… 

Solo Female Tour Morocco

Incredible Tour of Morocco | Jaime A.

“I had a couple of weeks and wanted a stress free trip that I would get to experience Morocco and I decided to go with Solo Female Travellers Network because it looked like the age group would be similar and the itinerary looked great. The women on the tour ranged from 26 through to 74 and mostly averaged around 35-45…

why it's special

leaders on rooftop bar in Marrakech

solo time where it counts

Swanky rooftop bars in Marrakech may not be the most authentic Moroccan experience, but somehow rosé just tastes better up there. Surrounded by golden sky at sunset, sitting on a plush colorful cushion, with top notch service, and somehow the scent of roses in the air makes for an epic girl’s night.  It’s amazing how as soon as you step into a riad, the busy, noisy, dusty streets of the Medina just melt away.

Here, our staff and leader in training, are relaxing on a rooftop with a much deserved glass of rosé (call us basic, but it’s our favorite) after a day in the busy Medina. This bar is around the corner from our accommodation in Marrakech, and there’s plenty of free time in our itinerary to visit. We’ll take you there!

solo female travelers with woman guide in Morocco, Fes

Tours with local women

The role of women in Morocco is complicated and evolving. Often stuck between traditional roles and new freedoms, while still staying true to their religion, there are lots of layers. We meet a few different women, see their home cities from their perspective, and get to know them and thier stories. They are more than our guides, they are our friends and totally open and excited to tell you about their lives. 

In this photo, our city guide, Frida is telling us about black soap. It’s a very popular (and super inexpensive) soap made from olives. When you go to a hammam, a traditional bath house, in Morocco this is what you use to exfoliate and soften your skin. It really is a magic soap you will wonder how you lived without.