Nikki P. Zuppin

Head TOur Leader

Nikki is an Aussie living in Bali and traveling full time. She’s never met a dog she doesn’t love, is up for any adventure, and has the sunniest smile around. You can find her by the pool with a snack anytime she’s not leading a Meetup Tour.

Linda Harper

Guesthouse and Tour leader

Linda is our Bali Guesthouse boss, a Global Meetup Tour leader, and a solo travel role model. She is affectionately called Mary Poppins because she is somehow prepared for every occasion in her very small pack.

Brittany Steer

Community Admin

“For me, solo travel has shown me how strong and capable I am. My favorite place I’ve traveled so far is Iceland. SoFe Travel inspires me, motivates me, and I adore helping to run this community.”

Renay Weir

Tour leader

Renay went on a solo group tour to Morocco and loved it so much she hasn’t left in 2.5 years! She’s handy with a camera and can navigate almost anywhere. Her passion for travel is infectious and it’s doubled with a seemingly endless supply of energy.

Manjot Bal


Manjot is interested in the socioeconomic and political concerns of fragile regions around the world. Solo travel lets her mingle with the locals and get under the skin of a country. Her other major interests are history and arts of the places she visits.

Shruty Tanuj Arora


“What really excites me about travel is the ability to experience a different life with every new culture. Traveling slowly helps me form a stronger connection to the place and of course is a lovely way to meet new people.”

Anom Mahadi


“I am a cat loving bookworm and have been traveling solo for 10 years. Coming from an Asian culture with so many ‘don’ts’ for women traveling, SoFe Travel has empowered me to travel further feeling safe and supported.”

Tayla Harter


“Waiting for those to travel with me resulted in no travel at all so one day I said “stuff it” and brought a one-way ticket out of New Zealand to start my solo adventures around the world and it was the best thing I ever did!”

Melinda Garcia


We call her DJ Boom Boom for her uncanny ability to pull out a song that somehow matches perfectly with the vibe. Having lived in multiple countries and speaking three languages, Melinda is a super solo traveler who is always good for a laugh.

Meet the Founder

Amanda Black

Amanda left for a four month trip to the Middle East and seven years later, she is still on the road. Humbled by her travels and inspired by the women she meets along the way, she became passionate about creating a community for like-minded travelers.



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solo female trip to armenia
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solo female travelers on an organized tour
solo female trip to armenia
sole female travel armenian church

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