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Why Travel To Morocco?

Imagine spending the afternoon haggling with friendly vendors over spices, sweets, and beautiful handicrafts. You zig zag through the Medina, stopping to taste olives and smell fresh saffron or feel the silky weight of beautiful local textiles. It’s a thrilling kind of chaotic that makes you feel like the badass traveler you are, and just when you start craving a little quiet and peace from the fray, you step into a riad. It’s somehow so quiet even though there is only a wall separating you from the maze of the market. It smells like roses inside and you retreat to the rooftop for a glass of cold lemonade while watching the Medina below. Morocco will consume all your senses.

One day you’re watching a snake charmer in the square of Marrakesh, and the next you’re riding camels through the Sahara as the sun sets. Arriving at your little oasis camp in the desert, you’re greeted by locals playing the drums, candle light, and a Bedouin feast. You’ll stay in ancient riads as well as modern Moroccan hotels, meet the women who hold the secrets of the cuisine, the traditions of the tea, and the argon oil you will smell as you explore Morocco. 

Our Morocco Meetup Tours

19 Days in Morocco & Egypt

12 Days in Morocco

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Must Eat Dishes

  1. Tajine: slow cooked meat, fish, or veggies carefully spiced and saucy
  2. Couscous: served with strew and often made for special occasions
  3. Zaalouk: eggplant based side dish with tomatoes, & garlic, served with crusty bread 

Best Experiences

  1. Ride a camel through the Sahara at sunset
  2. Learn to cook tajine and couscous with locals
  3. Experience a hammam, a traditional bathhouse

Top Sites

  1. The bustling medinas of Marrakech and Fes
  2. The Sahara Desert 
  3. Chefchaouen, the Blue City

Need to know

Solo Female Travel

Vendors can be a bit aggressive and Medinas, especially in Fes, can be mazes that are difficult to navigate. It’s best to go on a Meetup Tour or with a guide to some cities so you can enjoy the mystic and beauty of Morocco without being distracted by directions and avoiding unwanted attention. Transportation can be challenging on your own, as public transportation is not always reliable or available to the further flung sites and some experiences require either a huge budget or a group tour. This is one place you will find a lot of value in a tour that takes care of all the logistics, adds experiences you can’t get on your own, and eliminates a lot of the safety risk. 

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