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Why Travel To Mongolia?

Known for its vast, rugged landscape, Nomadic culture and a surplus of semi-wild horses, Mongolia is a land of intrigue. Few have travelled its wide steppes and had the privilege of sleeping in gers under the stars with nomadic families. Once a formiddable army of horseback warriors, Mongolia is now a land of down-to-earth hospitality and peace, with fascinating beliefs and traditions best protrayed during the annual Eagle Festival. 

Start by exploring the quiet “frontier” town of Ulgii and become captivated by it’s charm. Then jump full force into the Golden Eagle Festival and become immersed in traditional Kazakh culture – competing in games with locals and exchanging stories that you’ll never forget. From unexpectedly electric cities to falling in love with the fascinating culture and people, Mongolia will sweep you away until you never want to leave the rolling meadows, forested hills, and jagged rock formations that make up Mongolia’s natural beauty.

Our Mongolia Meetup Tours

9 Days in MonGolia

Need to know

Solo Female Travel

Mongolia is relatively safe for women, although it is a difficult country in general to navigate solo. The best sites are quite remote with few facilities readily available. We recommend to exercise caution, as you will likely stick out as a tourist and things like petty theft and pickpocketing do occur. People may stare, but it is mostly harmless and will not be a constant part of your trip. 

Must Eat Dishes

  1. Buuz: You can’t go to Mongolia without trying these popular, meat-filled dumplings.
  2. Tsuivan: a type of Mongolian noodle dish made with meat and various vegetables.
  3. Khorkhog: authentic Mongolian barbeque often made with lamb or goat meat and cooked using heated stones. 

Best Experiences

  1. Witness the unique Golden Eagle Festival
  2. Hear stories passed down through the generations about Genghis Khan, who has been equally feared and admired
  3. Experience Kazakh culture and hospitality as you visit with a local family in Ulgii.

Top Sites

  1. Golden Eagle Festival 
  2. Ulaanbaatar
  3. Ulgii

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