Israel & The Palestine Territories Meetup Tours

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Why Travel To israel & the palestine territories?

Uncover hospitality, history, and the holy in a complex land. Entrenched in the ancient but emphatically modern in outlook, nominally Jewish but with significant Muslim and Christian influence, this region is endlessly fascinating and rewarding to travel in. 

Explore the Old City’s walled fort in Jerusalem, strolling past holy churches, ancient historical sites, and authentic bazaars. Visit Bethlehem and walk along the Separation Wall at the Banksy Museum, and see Masada’s rugged outcrop. Break bread with Palestinians and Israelis,  feast with the peaceful Druze people in their home, go for a float in the Dead Sea, and form your own impressions of this captivating part of the world.

Our israel & palestine meetup tour

10 days in israel & the palestine territories

falafel in Palestine Israel

Must Eat Dishes

  1. Falafel: Considered the national dish of Israel, falafel is typically served inside a pita or laffa and topped with Israeli salad and more.
  2. Sfenj: The Israeli version of a doughnut, sfenj are one of the most popular street foods in Israel.
  3. Shakshuka: Poached eggs in a sauce of spiced tomatoes, green peppers and chopped onions.

Best Experiences

  1. Experience a traditional Shabbat dinner at a special Synagogue.
  2. Take a cable car ride to Masada.
  3. Meet women making change for peace in a few female run NGOs.

Top Sites

  1. Jerusalem
  2.  Tel Aviv
  3. Dead Sea

Need to know

Solo Female Travel

Israel and the Palestine Territories are often considered some of the best first destinations to visit in the Middle East for the friendly locals, and the fact that English is widely spoken. These territories have become more popular for travel in recent years, however, they are still regarded as off the beaten path destinations and may be a bit difficult to navigate logistically. Practice normal caution and be aware of your surroundings, but enjoy the welcoming environment of this amazing destination.

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