India & Sri Lanka Meetup Tours

Why Travel To India & Sri Lanka?

India and Sri Lanka conjure up visions of romance, spiritual connection, a thrumming patina of people, culture and cuisine enlivened by the very same spices that reshaped the world’s history. Many travelers dream of visiting these two neighbouring, but very different, destinations. 

In Northern India, nothing compares to seeing the Taj Mahal in person in the glowing morning light. The vibrant city of Jaipur will enchant you, full of colorful ornate buildings. And the people, who will humbly invite you into their homes to cook you a homemade meal and show you their culture – will always leave you feeling warm. From exploring the classic Old Delhi to sleeping under the stars in the endless Thar desert, the magic of Northern India is something you’ll dream about forever.

Southern India is known for its beach-bars, lush tea plantations and famous backwaters forming village-dotted islands. We don’t stop there –  we travel even further south and explore Sri Lanka! Mystical rock forts, temples, tropical jungles and small seaside towns await on a journey tracing the spice route’s layered influence on architecture and history, yet upholds the culture and identity of a warm, welcoming and deeply religious people today.

Our India & Sri Lanka Meetup Tours

14 Days
Northern India

15 Days in
Southern India &
Sri Lanka

28 Days in northern india, Southern India & Sri Lanka

Vegetarian thali - India

Must Eat Dishes

  1. Murg Makhani: Butter chicken
  2. Palak paneer: cheese in a rich sauce with spinach, tomatoes, and spices
  3. Jalebi: fried dough dipped in syrup
  4. Crab curry: Sri lanka is known for its crabs, and all seafood lovers will need a taste of this melt-in-your-mouth dish
  5. Kottu: roti with spices, veggies, & meat
  6. Masala dosa: thin savory pancake stuffed with potatoes & onions

Best Experiences

  1. Sleep under the stars at a luxury camp in the Thar desert
  2. Experience Taj Mahal at sunrise 
  3. Be invited to a dinner an henna party at a woman’s home
  4. Spot bison, wild boar & elephants at Periyar National Park  
  5. Go whale and dolphin watching in Mirissa 
  6. Hike Sri Lanka’s Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Top Sites

  1. Old Delhi
  2. Classic Jaipur
  3. Agra – Taj Mahal
  4. Lush Munnar
  5. Alleppey, the Venice of the East
  6. Galle, Sri Lanka

Need to know

Solo Female Travel

Dealing with unwanted attention is, in our opinion, the biggest aspect to look out for as a woman traveling in India. Street harassment like cat calling and stares can be common, and some people mean well but have different sized personal bubbles to what you may be used to. Exercise the same caution and common sense that you would have traveling anywhere on your own. Our guide and leader from our team will help you navigate any discomfort on tour. 

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