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Marvel at the Great Pyramids, dine and dance with local Nubian women, and sail down the Nile in style.



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11 Days

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Tour Outline

Enter a world of wonder and mystique as you touch down in one of the most alluring countries in the world. Step through the ancient medina walls and join the centuries-old trail of traders and nomads as they go about their daily life.This tour is of both North and South Morocco, making it an all-encompassing tour perfect for your first Morocco visit. Trail past the beautiful Kashbahs and gorges as we retrace the steps of the old camel caravans and enjoy the simple but magic of starlight desert nights at an oasis in the heart of the sand dunes. Between activities, we’ll sleep in boutique riads and be welcomed in the homes of Berber families with nothing more strenuous than people watching while mopping up delicately flavoured tajines.



egyptologist tour guide for the entire journey


home cooked feast with traditional music & dancing at a nubian woman’s home


Ancient pyramids of giza



noun_Egyptian Culture_299695

valley of the kings with both a history lesson and solo time


Cruise down the nile temple hopping along the way

from cairo, down the nile, and to the Red Sea















VIP airport pickup

Welcome to Egypt, a country loaded with ancient ruins and rich in culture. Your adventure begins when you are greeted at the airport with our VIP airport escort. Meet the group and relax in our hotel  just minutes away from the pyramids.

Great pyramids

Our Egyptologist tour guide will take us to the oldest pyramid in Egypt: The Step Pyramid of Saqqara. Be captivated by stories of Egyptian beliefs, plus why they built their tombs and how they are so well preserved over 2,000 years later. Next stop is Giza the Great Pyramid of King Khufu, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. We’ll take a break with traditional Egyptian lunch at one of our favorite local spots. Snap a photo next to the Sphinx and step into the mortuary temple of King Khaefraa for your first up-close look of hieroglyphics.  Meals: breakfast and lunch

welcome to the nile

We’ll hop on a plane for a quick 40 minute flight to Aswan. Philae Temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis, is the temple of beauty and magic. We’ll wander through slowly learning about women’s roles in ancient Egypt. The ocean meets the exit of the temple for stunning views, but before we go, say hello to the many cats hanging out like locals at the cafe. This afternoon, we’ll grab a bottle of wine and jump aboard the felucca, a traditional sailboat. We’ll sail slowly to an optional Egyptian feast at a Nubian woman’s home complete with drummers and dancing. For the next 3 days and nights nights a Nile cruise will be our home, where you’ll watching Egypt float by.Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

abu simbel and kom ombo temples

Wake up to lush palms and desert hills as we continue our journey down the river. This morning choose an optional tour of Abu Simbel. Massive figures of King Ramses are etched in into the earth and inside are stories painted in vibrant color! You’ll have the early afternoon to soak up some sun and views by the pool on our cruise boat before Kom Ombo Temple. This temple is best seen in the evening and was built for the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon god Horus. You’ll get to see the sacred mummified crocodiles before we start sail towards Edfu City. Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Solo time and Luxor Temple

Tthe cruise will be sailing most of the day to get to Luxor, so sit back and relax as you cruise past villages and lush farms. The Temple of Luxor holds some of the most important carvings of ancient Egypt and is beautifully lit up at night.  Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

valley of the kings and karnak temple

Watch the colors of the sunrise flood Luxor from up in the sky! Take a hot air balloon ride (optional) over the west bank of Luxor! See temples from above, wave to village kids, and see the striking contrast in landscape where desert abruptly meets lush fields. A very important stop of ancient Egypt is the Valley of the Kings: a maze of tombs belonging to the most famous pharaohs, like Tut Ankh Amon, King Ramses the 2nd, and Queen Hatshepsut. You’ll have time to wander solo to really soak it in.

We’ll have some solo time to wander through the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, one of the few women who ruled Egypt. Our next stop at Colossi of Memnon is the perfect introduction to the art of sculpture. Local artists will explain how the ancient Egyptians, without our modern tools, used to build such massive, detailed structures.

You’ll have worked up an appetite by now, and you’ll be ready for a delicious Egyptian feast in the countryside.  Before the day is over, marvel at the biggest and greatest (depending on who you ask!) temple in Egypt, the 2nd largest in the world – The Temple of Karnak.

Rest on our 4.5 hour drive to get to luxury: our resort by the Red Sea! The Red Sea is known for some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving in the world. There is plenty do here near Hurghada City. This is a good souvenir destination or to take some time to wander solo. We will stay at our all-inclusive resort by the beach for three nights. Meals: all inclusive

soma bay
solo time with optional ATV ride

Explore the resort, lounge by one of the pools, walk down the beach, today is up to you. The Red Sea is world famous for scuba diving and snorkeling and both are available at the resort. Explore the desert on an ATV! You’ll drive your own right up to the beach and over the dunes for a thrilling ride through the Sahara. Meals: all inclusive

soma bay
solo time

Another beautiful day to get a massage, go for a swim, eat at one of the many restaurants in the resort, or smoke some shisha (flavored tobacco in a hookah and a tradition in Egypt) with your fellow travelers. Meals: all inclusive

on the road to cairo

Our drive today is about 5 hours past desert, through villages, and into Cairo back to our first hotel. Our favorite falafel place s next door for a bite before an amazing day tomorrow. Meals: breakfast

egyptian museum and ibn tulum mosque

The Egyptian Museum is one of the biggest museums in the world and it’s packed full of artifacts, mummies, tombs, statues, hieroglyphics, and much more. Our Egyptologist guide will teach us more about ancient life before you get to wander freely to take it all in. We’ll get a break from the hustle of Cairo at the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, which dates back to the 9th century AD.  Just a couple steps inside is strikingly peaceful compared to the street of busy Cairo. Climb the stairs to a look out point or just enjoy the intricate details of this beautiful mosque. We’ll finish the afternoon with the biggest market in Egypt – Khan Elkhalili Market, great for last minute gifts, Egyptian food, and beautiful winding alleys. Meals: breakfast, lunch

farewell, egypt

After breakfast, our adventure in Egypt has come to an end. We’ll be available to help you organize your own transportation whenever you like. And we’ll stay in touch until our next adventure together. Meals: breakfast


Our accommodation is hand-picked to give you the best combination of comfort, location, and style. These are photos from our collection of favorite hotels and resorts to give you a sense of the accommodation you can expect in Egypt with us. Our rooms are automatically twin shares. If you like extra privacy, opt for a private room when you book your spot.

Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel

Pyramid views, a delicious breakfast, and a bar inside make this hotel the perfect escape from the busy city. Plus it is next door to one of our favorite Egyptian restaurants!

MS Mojito

It glides so smoothly, you won’t even know you’re on a small cruise boat until you look out your sliding glass door or sip a cocktail by the rooftop bar and see Egypt float by. There’s also a bar, a disco, and a restaurant on board.

Caribbean World Resort

Located right next to the Red Sea, this resort features multiple restaurants, a shisha bar, a dive/snorkel center, a few pools to choose from, a spa, and more. It’s far enough away from busy Hurghada and close enough to jump on a shuttle to explore.

What our travelers say

As each day unfolded, I was more and more amazed. Everyone was supportive and friendly. I am used to travelling solo- so it was such a treat to have gals to talk with at meals and during the activities.

Bobbie casey

As each day unfolded, I was more and more amazed. Everyone was supportive and friendly. I am used to travelling solo- so it was such a treat to have gals to talk with at meals and during the activities.

Bobbie casey

As each day unfolded, I was more and more amazed. Everyone was supportive and friendly. I am used to travelling solo- so it was such a treat to have gals to talk with at meals and during the activities.

Bobbie casey

As each day unfolded, I was more and more amazed. Everyone was supportive and friendly. I am used to travelling solo- so it was such a treat to have gals to talk with at meals and during the activities.

Bobbie casey

What’s included

  • 1 overnight stay in a private
    berber tent (luxury camp)
  • 10 overnights stay in a beautiful
  • Camel trekking in the dessert
    with verified ethical treatment
  • 4X4 ride through the dessert
  • Guided tours as outlined in the
  • A local english speaking guide
    for the entire trip
  • Transfer to and from the
    airport (details in itinerary)
  • All breakfasts, 4 dinners

What’s not

  • Entrance fees (this is to give you
    the option to explore on your own or to join the guided tours)
  • Airfares
  • Visa fees and requirements
  • Meals/beverages not stated in the itinerary
  • Travel insurance (mandatory)*

* A comprehensive travel insurance policy must be organised BEFORE departure or you forfeit your spot on the trip with no refund.

Extra Tour Details


Your ooking will only be confirmed upon receipt of a $700 deposit. The balance is due 30 days before Day 1 of the Meetup Tour.


  • No refunds on deposits.
  • 90 days or more before Day 1, 50% of full balance (if paid) will be forfeited.
  • 89 days before Day 1 : 100% cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations must be received in writing via email.

General Information:

  • There will be free Wi-Fi at a lot of the establishments we will visit but this is a great opportunity to go on a tech-detox!
  • Personal Safety: It is advisable to follow internationally accepted guidelines with regard to personal safety. These include:
  • Carry only as much cash as is necessary.
  • Leave valuables in the hotel safety deposit facility.
  • Do not walk alone in apparently deserted areas.
  • Ensure adequate and appropriate insurance cover.
  • It is advisable to carry a photocopy of your identification/passport.
  • Language: All tours are conducted in English.

egypt meetup Tour

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