Ecuador Meetup Tours

parrots at the clay lick Ecuador

Why Travel To Ecuador?

When we say our Ecuador Meetup Tour is off the beaten path, we mean it! From the Andes to the Amazon, Ecuador is the best under rated country that should skyrocket to the top of every traveler’s list. 

Venture deep into the Amazon to get to an oasis in the jungle where we’ll live like queens between wildlife sightings with an expert ecologist guide. Indigenous communities will welcome us into their homes and show us their centuries old traditions like pachamanka, a community culinary experience. Soak in hot springs and visit family a owned rose farm. Ecuador is a place unlike any other, and when you travel with us, you experience all the magic and culture of this small but mighty country. 

We can’t talk about Ecuador without mentioning it’s cluster of islands that feel like stepping on another planet – Galapagos. Join us for culturally rich mainland Ecuador and then beachy, beautiful, and other-world Galapagos Islands.

Our Ecuador Meetup Tours

10 Days in Ecuador

18 Days in Ecuador & Galapagos

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Must Eat Dishes

  1. Locro: Soup of potatoes, corn, cheese and avocado
  2. Empanadas: Corn pasties stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables
  3. Cuy: Roast guinea pig
amazon river rainforest

Best Experiences

  1. Ride horseback through Cotopaxi National Park
  2. Join in a pachamanka ancestral culinary experience
  3. Float down the Amazon river on a guide-paddled canoe and spot some amazing wildlife
women only tour to Ecuador Papallacta

Top Sites

  1. Amazon Rainforest 
  2. Cotopaxi National Park
  3. Papallacta Hot Springs

Need to know

Solo Female Travel

Ecuador is full of lovely locals with a strong sense of hospitality and pride for their country. This is especially true outside the big cities and in smaller communities. In Quito, for example, we recommend to not carry valuable or too much cash and practice caution because pickpocketing is common. Public transportation is a reasonable choice between main sites, but you will need a driver for the more off the beaten path and incredible regions of the country. Overall, we think Ecuador is far underrated in terms of beauty and is a must see country. 

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