COVID Health and Safety Protocol

We take COVID precautions seriously and expect all our participants to adhere to our policies to ensure everyone is comfortable and to do our best to stay healthy. We will have an agreement for everyone to sign on day one. 

Daily vehicle cleaning

Our vehicles will be sanitized and disinfected daily in order to significantly reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, including ​COVID-19​. While our vehicles have always been cleaned at the end of each tour, we have implemented ​additional disinfectant technology in response to the pandemic. ​This ensures that our guides, drivers and customers stay safe while exceeding the requirements set by the CDC. This includes:

➔  Daily sanitization & disinfection of ​all surfaces​ within the vehicle
➔  Additional disinfection of high touch surfaces during the tour. (i.e. door knobs, handles)
➔  The use of EPA registered Earth-friendly disinfectants which are free of toxic byproducts

…so you can breathe easy

Social Distancing and Small Groups

We pride ourselves in minimizing our environmental impact with the use of small groups. Now for the health and safety of passengers during the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve made them even smaller. All vehicles will run at a reduced capacity in conjunction with local regulations and guidelines. In addition, our guides will give an extensive briefing to the entire group regarding our mandatory policies while on tour with us. These topics include:

➔ Social distancing (6+ feet of separation) at all times outside the vehicle
➔ Use of face mask throughout duration of the tour
➔ Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth or face
➔ Reminding groups to wash their hands at rest stops
➔ Encouraging the use of hand sanitizer when needed

Physical Protective Barriers

During the COVID-19 outbreak, all of our tours & transportation will be conducted with extensive use of PPE (physical protection equipment). The following measures will be implemented on our tours:

➔  Clear plexiglass partitions ​to separate the guide/driver from rest of the vehicle
➔  Required use of face masks for both guide/driver and passengers
◆ Face masks must be worn at all times throughout the tour. To reduce environmental waste, we encourage customers to bring their own. If a customer does not have their own mask, we will provide one.
➔  Available hand sanitizer
◆ All vehicles are equipped with medical grade hand sanitizer to be used throughout the course of the tour

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