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Why Travel To Colombia?

Wild and free, yet restorative – Colombia is everything you need when you’re looking for a trip to energize and revitalize you. Wander off-the-beaten path into a culture of the friendliest, most welcoming locals, beaches that don’t feel real, and colorful cities that you can feel the deep history embedded in. 

Wake up and take a stroll beneath the floral balconies of Cartagena, a UNESCO World Heritage listed town combining Caribbean splendor and irresistible old-world charm.  Then, leave the walled-city to lounge on Bendita Beach, where the white sand and crystal sea are still untouched and unheard of by many tourists. You’ll feel like you’re in a dream as you traverse the lush mountains and streams in the Cocora Valley, marvel at towering wax palms, and then reward yourself with some of the best coffee on Earth. Visit Comuna 13 and you’ll be taken on a journey to see how far the beautiful city of Medellin has come, from the most dangerous neighborhood in Colombia to an arts and culture haven. Feel on top of the world as you climb the landmark Penol Boulder and take in the views of the quaint Guatape. The diversity in the experiences here are endless. You’ll feel alive but at peace and ease in this incredibly sweet, but misunderstood paradise.

Our Colombia Meetup Tour

9 Days in Colombia

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Must Eat Dishes

  1. Obleas: sweet, thin waffles with arequipe
  2. Bandeja Paisa: beans, rice, chicharrón, meat, fried egg, plantain, and avocado.
  3. Arepa: pastry made of ground maize dough, often grilled or fried with cheese.
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Best Experiences

  1. Whizz through the Cocora Valley on a Jeep Willy
  2. Learn to cook with the women on Comuna 13
  3. Climb Penol Boulder for views of Guatape. 
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Top Sites

  1. Salento, Coffee Region 
  2. Medellin
  3. Colorful Cartagena

Need to know

Solo Female Travel

Colombia still has a bit of a reputation for its violence, but we think that the country is incredibly misunderstood. Be extra cautious especially when you’re alone, and do your research. You can definitely enjoy beautiful Colombia while staying safe, but you’ll just have to take a few precautions. 

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