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Win 6 months free in a

converted School Bus!

mini school bus converted

The Solo Female Traveler Network and Tiny Home Tours have partnered to make one solo female traveler’s nomad dreams come true!

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We are getting to work on building out your dream home on wheels. We will be asking all of you – our amazing community – what you want it to look like and your favorite features. Whether you are ready to jump into nomad life or not, follow along the build for extra surprise giveaways, decor polls, and news about the lucky duck who gets to drive away in May!

You Will:

  • Score a free 4-6 months (your choice) in a professionally covered mini school bus designed specially for a solo female traveler.
  • Meet the builders and our founder,  with your flight included, to begin your adventure and learn about your new home.
  • Document your journey with videos and photos – no experience necessary!
  • Have support throughout your adventure from us and our community.

Follow the build and apply to win!

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What You'll Get

This isn’t just any tiny home. It’s one built by Tiny Home Tours and Zepplin Travels to give you confidence of a sturdy build and designed by The Solo Female Traveler Network for homey vibes offering extra comfort and safety features. This rig includes everything to make solo travel easy and comfortable for one lucky lady:

  • Kitchen including a two burner propane stove, deep sink, and lots of cabinet space.
  • Nature’s Head Compostable Toilet 
  • A queen size bed
  • Data boosting device
  • Workspace built in
  • Pets allowed
  • 42 gallon fresh water tank
  • 200 amp hours lithium batteries and an electrical system customized by Franz Customs.


  • Massive social media boost via The Solo Female Traveler Network, Tiny Home Tours, and Zeppelin Travels 
  • Get professionally edited videos of your adventure
  • Flight to pick up your new home
  • Insurance 
  • The ongoing support of both The Solo Female Traveler Network and Tiny Home Tours teams
  • Travel for a few days with the The Solo Female Traveler Network and Tiny Home Tours founders learning everything you need to know about your bus 
  • Freedom!

What you'll Give


The winner will be off to explore the open road wherever her heart takes her. Along the way, she will document her adventure (no experience necessary) through video and posts. Videos will be professionally edited and added to socials and posts will be shared with our whole community!

How to qualify

Maybe you’re searching for your purpose, maybe you are ready to change your life, maybe you need adventure. We are looking for a badass solo female traveler who is ready to embrace a new adventure and is excited to brave the world on her own in a converted school bus!

We are specifically looking for someone who is…

  • Solo, self-identified female traveler
  • Must have an American driver’s license for Covid and insurance reasons out of our control
  • Positive and proactive 
  • Community minded
  • Has big goals and dreams
  • No need to have video experience
  • Comfortable in new situations
  • Ready to meet us to pick up your bus on June 1.
  • Able to financially support yourself for life basics like cell phone, groceries, gas, etc. 

How to Apply

⭐️ Follow the team making this happen:
The Solo Female Traveler Network
Tiny Home Tours
Zeppelin Travels

⭐️ Subscribe via email for next steps
⭐️ Submit a video by April 7, 2021
⭐️ Follow the build
⭐️ Winner is announced April 20, 2021
⭐️ Pickup your new home June 1, 2021 

Follow the build and apply to win!