Azerbaijan & Georgia Meetup Tours

Why Travel To azerbaijan & Georgia?

Welcome to the Caucasus, where historical old towns and monasteries sit comfortably alongside towering skyscrapers. Discover warmth and pride among the ostensible austerity of Azerbaijan culture, then cross into Georgia to devour medieval ruins and traditional wines alike. 

With seemingly untouched lands brimming with character and mystery, Azerbaijan and Georgia are the perfect adventure for the traveler longing for an off the beaten path experience with premium features. Soak in your own private Sulphur bath in Tbilisi, hike up breathtaking mountains for a view among the country’s most spectacular, and enjoy a lunch with female wine makers as stories flow freely. From old cities and charming villages to the openness and authenticity of the local people, this trip guarantees encounters that will stay with you forever.

Our azerbaijan & Georgia Meetup TourS

10 days in azerbaijan
& georgia

21 days in turkey, azerbaijan, & georgia


Must Eat Dishes

  1. khachapuri: A thick delicious bread filled with local cheeses and topped with an egg 
  2. Khinkali – A tasty dumpling stuffed with spiced meat
  3. Plov – A rice based dish traditionally made with lam and vegetabes
sulphur baths in Georgia

Best Experiences

  1. Soak in our own private sulphur baths in Tbilisi
  2. Hike to Gergeti church with stunning views of the mountains
  3. Make Khinkali (a special local dumpling) in a cooking class

Top Sites

  1. Baku old walled city
  2.  Gudauri and the Caucasus mountains
  3. Tbilisi – the “Balcony of Europe”

Need to know

Solo Female Travel

Azerbaijan and Georgia are regarded as relatively safe destinations for solo female travelers. The locals are known for their hospitality and warmth. Still, you may experience some unwanted staring or attention – in this case, just ignore it. These countries may feel logistically unfamiliar, but we’ll take you everywhere while removing the hassle of planning for this.

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