Our Ambassadors are some of the most important people in our community, because they help bring our travel experiences to life. We empower you to do what you love — travel the world — and help you become an extraordinary visionary, wherever your path leads. 
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What Our Ambassadors Do

Ambassadors serve as content creators for SoFe Travel, telling the story of our Meetup Tours through their unique perspective and insight. Ambassadors also feature the Meetup Tour on their own personal social media channels. Your camera is glued to your hand, capturing every moment of the Meetup Tour. You are excited to share photos and stories with the team, your friends, and our whole community. Reels, stunning photos, Tiktok videos…whatever your best talents are, you’re creating top notch content that helps us turn more women into bad*ss travelers.

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Qualities of an AmBassador

You should love to travel and express that passion through creative storytelling. Our ambassadors are social and friendly with other women on the tour. Ideally, you are a tastemaker in your community with an established online following. Ambassadors are expected to embody and represent SoFe Travel. This means adhering to the brand’s values, including female empowerment, inclusivity, responsibility, and transparency. 

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Perks of Being an Ambassador

Current & Previous Ambassadors

Victoria Says:

“Being a SoFe Ambassador has changed my life. I have been able to check some major bucket list places off my list like Petra, Jordan and The Great Pyramids, all while experiencing it with awesome like minded solo travelers. Besides the fact that I get major bragging rights about working with SoFe, I have loved being able to travel and do what I love with a company that aligns with what I love. I don’t say this lightly when I say that the experiences I’ve had as a SoFe Ambassador have shaped me into the person I am today. This gig is the coolest “job” ever, you won’t find a better opportunity than this!”

Melinda Says:

“Becoming an Ambassador for The Solo Female Traveler Network (SoFe) was a dream come true. After decades of solo backpacking, being able to meet and travel with lots of like-minded women felt like coming home. SoFe embodies many of the values I hold close: adventure, connection, openness and encouragement. It is through these values that it helps women become the independent travelers they want to be. What more could a girl ask for?” 

Renay Says:

“When you love empowering women to travel and experience amazing places first hand, then working with SoFe travel is a no brainer. Watching women from all over the world start the tour as a group of strangers and leave with such a special bond is one of the best things about being an ambassador for SoFe. That and the fact that you are traveling around a country where everyday is full of activities, interactions with local women, fun and laughter! Everyday on tour is different but that’s the best part! You need to be flexible, think on your feet and more importantly join in on all the fun!”

How it works?

Once you are selected as an Ambassador, we’ll choose the perfect tour for your content niche and available travel dates. SoFe Travel will cover the cost of your Meetup Tour and flight to the destination country. Prior to departure, SoFe Travel will host a training session to discuss details of the Meetup Tour. During this meeting, the ambassador will propose initial content ideas, which can include storyboards for Reels/TikTok/Short Form video ideas, etc.

Ambassadors are not expected to serve as a tour guide, tour leader or other logistical coordinator of the tour. We want you to feel like one of the girls! While on the tour, you will focus on capturing the incredible experiences of our Meetup Tours. Think of yourself as a paparazzi, capturing all the laughs, fast friendships, and stunning attractions that make up our tours. You’ll provide the SoFe Travel team with 5-10 ‘teaser’ images and videos during the tour so we can promote your work on social media.

A bulk of the Ambassador’s responsibilities will take place after the Meetup Tour has concluded. This includes photo editing, photo organizing, short-form video production, uploading photo content, and any other activities deemed necessary to deliver completed content. All content deliverables must be provided to SoFe Travel within 30 days of the Meetup Tour end date.

Become an Ambassador

Love what you’re reading? If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, send us an email with the subject line “Ambassador Inquiry” at [email protected]. Your email should include:

  • Short cover letter explaining who you are and why you want to partner with SoFe
  • Links to your portfolio & socials
  • Copy of your media kit, CV or resume
  • List of tour destinations and dates you might be interested in