Mpumalanga Highlands

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Our guide will introduce us to the region’s fauna, flora, waterfalls, forests, as well as several sites and structures left behind by the land’s original settlers.

We’ll then head back to the croft to freshen up and grab a seat at the table for a well-deserved breakfast where we’ll meet the rest of the Verlorenkloof team. Spend the next few hours at your leisure before we regroup for a visit to Hlokomela Creche, a preschool created and run by the owners of the lodge to support their full-time female staff. Afterwards, we’ll find some shade under a tree or in the shadows of one of the historical sites to dig into a delicious picnic lunch. In the afternoon, we’ll explore the archeological sites scattered throughout the farm and hear captivating tales of the Koni people, the settlers’ graves, and the historic farm as it was then and what it’s become today. Back at the croft, a home-cooked meal awaits. Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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