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A local guide will explain to you the pre-Colombian building style of Iximche, which is the stereotype of post classic Mayan architecture sites. There will also be an explanation of the museum exhibits too.

You will have some free time in this beautiful, park-like setting, where you can explore on your own the plazas used for human sacrifices during rituals, temples, palaces and also two Mesoamerican ball game courts.

Be prepared for an amazing cultural encounter with Mayan indigenous people that still visit the Iximche Ruins, many of who still worship their ancient gods. If you’re lucky, you can witness a live Mayan fire ceremony that sometimes still takes place in the sacred altar found at the end of the platform.

After lunch, we’ll spend a couple of hours blasting the tunes on our 2 hour drive to Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, where we will hop on our boat to get to our hotel!

We’ll check-in in the late afternoon, leaving us plenty of time to explore Lake Atitlan and maybe even catch the sunset before our group dinner. Meals: breakfast, dinner

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