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The market’s primary purpose is to service the locals who come far and wide to buy and sell products. There are vendors who sell handicrafts and souvenirs targeted to tourists, but for the most part, the vendors sell their agricultural products and household goods to the locals!

In this traditional town, we will also learn about the regional Quiche dress that are mainly worn by the locals today. We will also witness Mayan spirituality in one of only two Catholic churches in the world that allow the practice of traditional Maya religion. We will start by winding through the market to get to the church where we meet our local guide.

If we are lucky, we may see fire ceremonies in the area outside of the church. Inside, we will observe traditional Maya religious beliefs being practiced and learn about this form of spirituality and its place in daily local life. Our guide will explain how some of these Mayan beliefs in Guatemala have become uniquely interwoven with Christianity.

We will then continue on to what is considered to be the most colorful cemetery in the world and it is easy to find since is located on the top of a hill. This peculiar cemetery combines the Christian ideology with the Mayan beliefs and is where we will learn about the Guatemalan traditions around the dead.

After this, you have free time to wander around the artisan market and barter for traditional textiles, masks, jewelery and other handicrafts.

After a few hours soaking in the local culture and some shopping, we will drive to Antigua where you can go straight to your room or find one of the many delicious restaurants to grab some dinner in this really approachable, colorful, easy to navigate city.

Drive time: approx. 4 hours
Meals: breakfast

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