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Pachamanka ancestral culinary experience

“Pachamanka” is a word derived from Incan times. In the indigenous Quichua language it means “Pacha” for Earth and “Manka” for pot. The Pachamanka is a ceremony performed during special occasions such as the summer and winter solstices and equinox of the agricultural calendar.

The pot used during the ceremony is heated by volcanic stones and filled with food like potatoes, sweet potatoes, mellocos (similar to potato), beans, carrots, beets, plantains, and meat wrapped in achira leaves. The pot is then covered with a cloth and buried in the ground to cook. The mound where the pot is buried is adorned with flowers from the region, transforming into a beautiful Andean altar where everyone can give their thanks and appreciation.

You will be able to participate in the ceremony just like the ancient Incans once did. The foods are cooked perfectly in the pot due to the intense heat produced by the stones below ground. All the nutrients are preserved in this manner of cooking, and it is especially healthy as no condiments or additional fats are used.

This delicious dish is accompanied by chicha, a non-alcoholic version of corn beer made from different types of maize.  Overall, it is an amazing celebration and who cooks better than Mother Earth with friends gathered around?

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