A Gift for Heroes

Lockdowns, quarantines, isolation, worry for loved ones, and even our own illnesses have made the last year incredibly challenging. 

On top of all of these difficulties of the last year, there are a group of people who have put themselves and their families at extra risk to help others: first responders.

Our Thank You

10% off any Meetup Tour

There are 100 discounts available exclusively for first responders.
All bookings are 100% transferable and never expire. 

Is this for you?

While we know many medical staff have worked hard because of this pandemic, this discount is intended for first responders who have taken care of confirmed Covid patients or supported these staff members. 

We wish we could extend this gift to all medical workers, but as a small business, we have to focus on those most directly impacted.  

To qualify for this discount you…

How to get it

Shoot us an email at hello@sofetravel.com! We would love to meet you. Tell us a little bit about your work and how Covid has impacted your job. It doesn’t have to be an essay, just a bit of information to allow us to understand your role in the pandemic. 

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