Are Organized Tours Still Solo Travel?

By SoFe Travel Editors
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Travel is about experiencing and learning new things, being open to other cultures and perspectives. It’s feeling free and inspired and being humbled. No matter how you choose to explore the world, all that matters is that you do. Are organized tours still considered solo travel? To be honest, we’re not interested in rules about what is and isn’t solo travel. There are different intensities for everything, and while joining a tour may not be as fierce as camping in the mountains alone, for example, it is travel. 

And that’s what matters.

Maybe, we are biased, but we adore organized tours as a travel option. Some are great – maximizing your time and utilizing local connections that they took time and care to create – experiences you wouldn’t have had on your own. Some tours are awful – dragging you from one city to another on a stuffy bus without any authenticity. Be sure to choose wisely, but we encourage all travelers to consider a good organized tour as an option.

Organized tours are excellent for…

  • a first-time solo traveler
  • those who want to make like-minded, travel loving friends
  • people who like more structure and planning
  • a seasoned traveler who needs a break
  • a hard worker who only gets so much vacation time
  • those destinations where exploring on your own is either too hard, illegal, or expensive
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You and your fellow tour-goers spend so much time bonding over travel and all the new experiences you share, that you will definitely leave with new friendships different than the ones back home.

Not all organized tours are huge buses run on strict timetables with most of your photos taken through a dirty bus window. They can also be small groups with lovely local guides where your participation is supporting local families and small businesses. 

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When you find a good tour, there are great benefits…

  • safety
  • no stress of logistics
  • built-in friends
  • giving the responsibility to someone else
  • almost all the planning is done for you
  • comfort
  • leaving with new friends with couches to crash all around the world
  • maximizing your time
  • local guides, experiences, and knowledge

We sling our packs over our shoulders and get off planes with no plans sometimes. We adore impossible to predict adventures of traditional solo travel, but group tours still have a place in our lives.

Solo travel takes experience and skill, so tours are especially good for people who want to make travel a regular part of their life but aren’t quite ready to go on their own. It helps build confidence in your own abilities and can also give the really experienced traveler a little respite from the road. If you are ready to give a tour a chance, we offer Meetup Tours exclusively for solo traveling women.

When you come on a trip with The Solo Female Traveler Network, we give you the freedom to explore on your own while giving you the security that there are people waiting for you to come back at the end of the day. Your guides are local travel experts and will also cultivate a community vibe while providing the confidence to be independent. Remember, it is about exploring the world, no matter how you choose to do it, as long as you go!



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