The Solo Female Traveler Packing List for Bali and Gili Islands

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Your Bali packing list, even s a solo female traveler, is pretty straight forward, but there are a few things you will want to be sure you bring from home. We will explain everything you must have on your packing list for Bali as well as some items you may not have thought to pack but will keep you comfortable. 

We’ve got you covered with a printable packing checklist, as well as guidelines for what to wear in Bali as a solo female traveler and a list of things you may not have considered you might need on your packing list for Bali.¬†Bali is largely Hindu, and while dress code isn’ as big of a concern as it is in some other Hindu destinations, there are times you will want to consider more modest dress to respect the locals and customs. We’ll explain all of that and more in this comprehensive packing guide to Bali for solo female travelers.¬†

What bag to pack for Bali

Bali Tour for Solo Women

To carry on or not to carry on? Duffel bag, backpack, or suitcase? We get asked this question a lot, but it’s really up to you and what kind of packer you are! There is only really one limitation to consider for most Bali trips, including our¬†Bali Meetup Tour.

Although our Meetup Tour is very inclusive, there will be times when you will have to carry your luggage to your room or up to our speedboat on your own. Be sure you can manage it! We ask that when you travel with us, you limit your baggage to a personal item like a purse, a daypack, and a suitcase to be sure everyone has plenty of space to spread out in the mini-bus. 

Otherwise, it is a personal choice what kind of bag you pack for a trip to Bali. We always recommend not to overpack, so you can save space for souvenirs and not feel weighed down. To maximize space in your bags, use compression packing cubes like these. They save space and keep you organized; we never leave for a trip without them. 

Packing for the Weather in Bali

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Day time temperatures in Bali are warm all year round with the biggest concern being wet season from November to March. While wet season can mean some waterfalls are closed and daytime showers happen, it’s still well worth visiting during this time. Rainy season usually means showers here and there and doesn’t impact pool time or gorgeous views. In our premium 4 and 5 star accommodation with swimming pools and air conditioning on the Bali Meetup Tour, you will barely even notice most days. None of our departures are in the height of rainy season, but even if you are traveling alone and have limited time to visit Bali, don’t let rainy season stop you from visiting!¬†Check out essential items to pack and how women should dress in Egypt below.¬†

How to dress as a solo female traveler in Bali

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Luckily in Bali, you can wear whatever you want from bikinis to mini skirts pretty freely. You won’t catch too many locals wearing the same clothes, but they have come very accustomed to tourism. Bali is a very spiritual island and visits to any family home or temple require some extra layers to be respectful. Dressing to fit in a local culture will go a long way into helping us win local friends and get a deeper look into the country.¬†

It’s a good idea to always have an extra layer in your daypack when you are walking around town in sleeveless shirts or shorts, just in case you want to stop into a temple. We’ll suggest some good options down below so you are always prepared in Bali.¬†

What to pack for a trip to Bali

Aside from the basics (scroll down for a printable packing list that includes things like underwear and socks), there are some necessities that will make you a lot more comfortable in Bali. Here are some things you may not think of to pack but will improve your experience. 

1. An oversized button down

Like we said, it’s handy to have a little extra coverage in your bag for spontaneous temple visits or just a little extra modesty. An oversized button down shirt like this lightweight cotton¬†one is perfect for donning over a tank top, and it also works great for a nice dinner in the 4 and 5 star hotels on our Meetup Tour.¬†

solo female travel balinese temples

2. Sun protection

A wide brimmed hat and a high quality sunscreen are necessary for any trip to Bali. Many of the best sites and experiences, including the cycling around the Gili islands and walking through rice paddies, offer little protection from the sun. Bali is also very humid, so it’s important that you choose a sunscreen that doesn’t sweat off immediately. We like these two the best for great coverage, no greasy residue, and sweat proof – this one with a great tint and this one.

solo female travel to hot springs in bali

3. A maxi dress or two

Comfortable, breezy, and very cute for all those Insta photos, a flowy maxi dress is perfect for hot and humid Bali. A dress like the one is perfect because it comes in many sizes, covers your shoulders, and is loose, comfy, and still very cute. This dress is also great value with lots of colors to choose from, perfect for those billowing skirt shots on a rice terrace swing. Don’t forget a pair of non-rolling bicycle shorts or Chub Rub, because chaffing is just the worst.

If you aren’t a dress kind of gal, lightweight wide-leg pants are also excellent to add to your Bali packing list.¬†

Bali Tour Female Travel

4. Period products

Tampons, pads, cups, or whatever your preference are not easy to find in Bali. When you do find them, they may be generic brands you aren’t used to for prices that you won’t want to spend unless it’s an emergency. It’s best to come prepared with whatever you expect to need for your trip to Bali. We are a fan of this menstrual cup, beause it’s soft on our insides, gentle on the environment, and never requires midnight tampon runs. But we do recommend you practice using it close to home before embarking on a trip with it, as it does come with a learning curve.¬†

Solo Female Travel Network Bali

5. Sunglasses

At least couple pairs of sunglasses should make it in your suitcase when packing for Bali. Whether you are a designer wearing kind of gal or opt for sturdy and inexpensive polarized glasses, be sure to have a pair and even a backup in case you lose one in a waterfall or off the speedboat.

bali solo female travelers

6. Secure purse or locked daypack

Bali is a very safe place, but petty theft can happen especially in the more touristy areas. For this reason, we recommend an anti-theft, crossbody purse. A sturdy purse that zips up fully closed, crosses your body, and even better if it is slash proof is a travel must-have for any destination. If you  can get by on a day trip with even less, a money belt like this one holds the basics like money, your hotel room key, and your phone is even more secure. If you want to carry a day pack so you can fit more things like a camera and water bottle, buy cheap locks like these so no one can grab stuff out of the pockets in crowded spaces. 

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7. Sturdy Water Shoes

Thee aren’t a lot of long walking days or hikes on our Bali Meetup Tour, but being prepared with waterproof shoes you can wear all day will make your trip a lot more comfortable. We really like these¬†breathable sandals¬†for roaming around shops and walking through sandy beaches, and a more sturdy pair of water sandals like these are our go-to for busier travel days, waterfalls, water temples, and any day we will be more active.

Solo Female Tour Bali

8. A Sarong

A sarong as a lot of uses in Bali, including wearing around your waist like the locals so in temples. It can also be a coverup on the beach, a light coverup when the sun is getting intense, and something to sit on by the pool. If you want to come prepared with a sarong, you can bring one from home, but they are also sold all over Bali and make a beautiful souvenir. 

9. a personal fan

If you are someone who is sensitive to the heat, one of these rechargeable personal fans may be a good idea. Bali is very humid all year round, so having a little extra air blowing on your neck can make a big difference. Wearing your hat, staying hydrated, and having this fan sit on your shoulders could help you focus on the sites instead of the heat. This gem of a product came from one of our members who brought it to the Amazon on the Ecuador Meetup Tour. Such a lifesaver, especially if you run hot.

Chelsea Lew in Bali

10. Mosquito Repellent

The one thing we don’t like about Bali are the mosquitos! It’s important to do your best to prevent bites from these little pests in Bali, because they can carry disease. Many traditional repellents are full of chemicals toxic to other wildlife, human, and even marine life. That’s why we strong recommend an organic and natural repellent that works like, this one made from lemon and eucalyptus oil.

Sumampan Waterfall solo female travelers

11. activated charcoal

Bali Belly ranges from just minor gastro issues that pass to full blown food poisoning. All the meals included in our Bali Meetup Tours are very carefully prepared in places we trust to have the best standards. However, street food and locals restaurants come with some risks for sickness, so especially if you are sensitive, your guide can suggest other options. If you do start to feel some tummy rumbles, activated charcoal is an awesome, all-natural, very effective remedy for any digestion upsets. 

Full Bali Packing List for Women

Our goal with this packing guide is to give you the information you need to travel with confidence to Bali. Pack carefully, but also don’t stress too much. Many things are available in Bali for purchase if you find you need something you didn’t pack, and you will have a group of amazing, supported women with you to lend you a hand as they are able. As always, when you travel with us on our Bali Meetup Tour, you have a private space in The Network to chat about your packing list with fellow travelers. You are also welcome to email us if you get stuck and need some advice!¬†

Use this Bali packing checklist for all the necessities including the basics. Of course, everyone’s needs and personal preferences are different, so don’t look at this as an exhaustive list.¬†

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