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At the Solo Female Traveler Network, we want to create a community that celebrates and empowers women. In 2021, we want to recognise the women amongst us – those who lead, inspire and leave a mark in their own unique ways. 


Presenting the story of Aušrinė Pudževytė: a painter, interior decorator and muralist who wants to leave her artwork in every country.

Ocean standing near a mural of sea waves

I was thinking back to where my story starts, and when it actually became a story that everyone wants to listen to… Let’s start by saying that it was the day I was born. It is much more important is to mention that art was born within me that day too.

So, a woman full of colors was named Aušrinė, translated to the morning star or dawn from my native language – Lithuanian. My little hands tried everything: a sheet of paper, canvas, brushes, pencils, and other tools before my main focus became different walls around the world.

I remember one of my first trips abroad – Finland. There I had the opportunity to do  decorate one of the school walls, where I was interning. I forgot to mention. At that time, I didn’t speak English, but I had confidence like I was using this language for more than 20 years of my life. I am still trying to figure out where all this confidence came from!

Ocean sitting on the floor near a wall painted with blue and purple cacti

I painted a huge plantation of cactuses – in glorious shades of purple and delicious green. On the last few days of my project, visitors started seeing the final results. They would scratch the walls and ask me questions, wondering how I painted it. 

One stranger observed me cleaning my brushes and said, “I have been working in this school for more than 15 years. Everyday I see the same, empty, plain wall. You have made more than an artwork. You brought the sun to our school”.

That day, I found my life’s purpose: Travel around the world and bring that sun to people’s apartments, restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels and any other places that need art. I wanted to help people feel happier and my art was my superpower.

4 women painted on a wall, with blue and yellow chairs in the foreground. A painting by ocean.
Ocean painting on a wall, holding paint in one hand and a paintbrush in the other hand.

Now one country brings me to another one. One stranger brings me to another, and this grows into love, family, real friendship and mentorship. You can find my murals, paintings and illustrations in 14 of the 17 countries I have traveled to: Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Indonesia (Bali Island), United States (Chicago), United Kingdom, Zambia, Tanzania (Zanzibar Island), Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Sweden and South Korea. 

Do you think the next country could be yours? Let’s make it happen! To learn more about Aušrinė’s work, check out her portfolio through the links below. 

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