Packing with Style: Tips from an Expert

By Beverly Osemwenkhae
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How can you pack in less than an hour and still look effortlessly fabulous while on vacation? As a solo female traveler, it’s about building out that wardrobe over time. It’s important to understand what fabrics you should invest in, while focusing on building a diverse wardrobe that caters to all of your travel needs. I am Beverly O., and I am an international style consultant. Here’s my guide to help you start!


cotton for style guide

The fabrics you wear play a major role in your comfort and style. When traveling to areas that are more humid and hot it’s especially important to pack lighter fabrics with natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, high quality rayon, or linen. These fabrics are breathable, allowing heat to escape the body, so you don’t end up a walking puddle of sweat. It’s also easier to use wrinkle resistant spray when travelling on fabrics that are natural fibers than synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon and lycra.

How to Pack

packing for vacation

While there’s so many ways to pack, the most efficient and wrinkle preventative way is the roll method! Rolling your clothes not only helps keep creases away, but also maximizes space in your suitcase or backpack. I have designated packing cubes (a travel must) for categories like day-time casual, evening, and lounge wear so I can see what I’m packing and already have an outfit in place for every occasion.

For shoes and accessories, store them in a shoe bag to keep germs and dirt away from the rest of your things and your shoes in great condition.

Invest in a travel jewelry bag to prevent necklaces from tangling, keep earrings from getting lost, to make it easier for you to get ready and start your day!

Keep it Chic

chic packing guide


I usually pack 3 scarves on vacation. One I can use as a sarong over a bathing suit. A smaller silk scarf I can wear as a turban or cute head scarf, and one I can wear in the evening that’s a lighter weight as a shrug. I usually go for either a neutral color or a fun bold print, depending on how colorful my wardrobe is.


Layer, layer, layer! I wear it all, anklets with charms, a stack of bangles and sometimes beaded necklaces. Your jewelry finishes the look and adds a playful element to your ensemble. Especially if you’re rocking a neutral color wardrobe, adding that hint of blue or green from a necklace can take your outfit from a little drab to style queen!


This is where you’re allowed to have the most fun. There are so many different shapes, colors and styles that make wearing sunglasses fun and stylish. I always try to pack 2 pairs – an aviator with a fun reflective mirror and a more quirky style that’s a bold color.

Tennis shoes

While on vacation we want to feel comfortable and sometimes sandals can make your feet achey on long walking days. I always pack a cute, simple white tennis sneaker. They are comfy and go with almost everything. Pair it with a romper, a floral print dress or a pair of denim shorts, and it just works.

I hope this guide helps kickstart your travel wardrobe adventure. Remember to start with what you already own, fill in the pieces that are missing and elevate your look with accessories. Most importantly, getting dressed for vacation should be fun!

About the Author

Beverly Osemwenkhae

Native NYC Fashion Stylist BeverlyO is best known for her trendy, innovative and bold style decisions. 

Coming from a public relations background, Beverly has worked with iconic fashion brands such as Lanvin and Christian Louboutin. Shortly after her transition from PR to styling, her editorials were featured in international fashion publications such as Vogue Italia, Elle Vietnam, Made in Brazil, Fault UK and Jones Magazine.

In founding ProjectBee, Beverly sought out to create the ultimate style destination. She offers personal style consultation for women around the world.




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